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If you are lesbian who is looking to settle down then this is the dating site for you. This lesbian dating site is for women that are looking for something long term, whether that be a friendship or romance. Here there are many women looking for love in their area. There has never been an easier way to meet up with other lesbians in your area, just use the sites search feature to find single women near you. Settle down on our Pink Sofa and start finding your perfect partner today. This site is home to women of all age ranges including: young lesbians, older lesbians and recently outed lesbians. Whatever type of lesbian you are into you will find them here - be it lesbo, dom, fem, butch, bi, dyke, diesel dyke, bull dyke, soft butch, baby dyke or lipstick lesbian, you will find an easy way to meet lesbians online that will suit you. You have just found Lesbonia, so who knows, a Boston Marriage may well be on the cards! Maybe you have mistyped lesbian, lesbain, lesbians, lesbains, not to worry, here on offer are some fabulous single lesbians genuinely on the lookout for a new partner. Getting to meet a lipstick lesbian here is easy - give it a go and you could soon enjoy some lesbian love - signing up is just a click or two away. If you are looking for some dating advice from a fellow lesbian then try our Girl Dating Couch feature, this is more than just a dating site, this is an online lesbian community where you can come to seek advice and general chit chat.